Beacon Street

I knew him once;
I seemed to know him less as I walked toward him.


He waved me over with a cold hand;
crawling ivy threaded between his fingers, nearly choking the welcome.
I knocked on his chest, but no one answered me;
I peered into his ear and saw nothing but black.
I turned him 'round and almost caught one of his eyes as momentum sent it rolling toward the window,
glinting with a wax thought that had long been entombed in the empty face.


I sank down on the step and watched clouds gather,
waiting for a flash, a blinding revelation to keep me from seeing 
that he
and his dream
were dead.


© 1996 KJL

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The Grotto Festival of Lights - Opening Night

The Grotto, 8840 NE Skidmore St., Portland, OR

Kathleen sings with the Grotto Carolers Choir in the chapel at 6pm for the opening concert of the festival.  Fun, music, food, puppet show, petting zoo, and lots and lots of beautiful LIGHTS!  Visit for more information.