Kathleen has long been a student of art and music history, American pop culture, philosophy, and theology. Her essays have been published in independent music magazines and national news/culture websites, and she is available for speaking engagements. For more information, contact her.


Lectures and Essays:


Beyond Bibleman - part of the Imaginarium program at Cornerstone Festival, July 2001


To the People of California - on physician-assisted suicide

A Proper Scaring - a short story in honor of Flannery O'Connor

Meeting St. Therese of Lisieux - my reflections on a spiritual encounter

The Great Divorce and the Challenge of Faith - a theological essay on reason & faith




Beacon Street




Song lyrics:


The Longer I Live




[If you're sufficiently intrigued by Kathleen's writing, feel free to visit her old blog. Newer thoughts will be posted here from time to time.]


"I doubt if anyone ever touches the limit at either end of his personality. We are not our own light."  -- Flannery O'Connor

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The Grotto Festival of Lights - Opening Night

The Grotto, 8840 NE Skidmore St., Portland, OR

Kathleen sings with the Grotto Carolers Choir in the chapel at 6pm for the opening concert of the festival.  Fun, music, food, puppet show, petting zoo, and lots and lots of beautiful LIGHTS!  Visit http://www.thegrotto.org/christmas for more information.