I can’t stop myself from this complete unmasking
I can’t answer all the questions you’re not asking
There’s nothing more to show you to be taken as evidence
if you won’t listen to your own experience


            Truth – hiding in a corner
            Your faith’s in your own mind – you close the book


                        And you jump – you land – it’s gravity
                        They told you you were born to fly
                        You’ve got to try to answer the sky
                        But you’re tangled and tied to the trees… it’s gravity… gravity


The only place to hide is here on stage
Take your tenderness and stab it with frozen rage
Sending words like searchlights into places cold and haunted
When I caught the ghost, he couldn’t tell me what I wanted


            Beauty – with her noose around my neck
            My faith is in my image – and the candle’s burning out


                        And I step – I trip - … gravity
                        They told me I was born to fly
                        I saw stars align, but it wasn’t a sign
                        of the holy divine, or the key… to gravity… gravity


The only time I talk to you is when you can’t hear me
Boil your presence down, reducing you to theory
What I say to people isn’t any of your business
Whether I’ll get what I deserve, or discover love’s forgiveness


            Justice – mumbles from the podium
            Our faith is in ourselves, rings the funeral bell


                        And we run – and stumble – damn gravity
                        They told us we were born to fly
                        And we continue the war – soul from reason divorced
                        by that unfeeling force we won’t see…  … gravity


            One constant on every planet, no matter what the gravity -
            A feeling of falling



© KJL 1/2007

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